About Us

Company Overview

Future Tech Systems was founded by the Owner and President, Chris Mai.  Chris has been providing IT services since 1996 professionally.  In 2006, after seeing what companies were offering in regards to service for small businesses and individuals, he opted to strike out on his own and fill in what he saw as gaps in the computer service industry.  Customers need someone who can talk to them and relate to them on a non-technical level.  They need someone who provides more than just a “geek” or a “nerd” to fix their computer problems.  Computers are, after all, operated by people.  We pride ourselves on understanding what it is you and your business use technology for.  It helps us determine what is a priority for you, and what isn’t.  Our solutions and support are tailored to providing you the services you and your company need as opposed to “what we want to sell you”.

Our History

In 2017 we moved our base of operations to Charleston, SC from further Connecticut.  South Carolina has a much friendlier business climate.
We are situated in Mt. Pleasant, SC which provides a central location to provide excellent service from.
Future Tech Systems will continue its journey to be the leading IT service provider to the greater Charleston area.

Meet The Owner

Chris Mai

Owner & President


I have had such diverse roles as phone support for internet service providers, web hosting and web design companies, and technician.  I’ve spent the last 7 years starting and building my own consulting company, Future Tech Systems.  I used the technical knowledge I acquired over those 17 years, combined with my business savvy to fill a niche market I didn’t feel was being properly serviced.

In particular, the IT service field is stereotyped as having poor communications and interpersonal skills, and being difficult to understand.  I always put the individual ahead of the technology, and as everyone has a different level of technical understanding, I endeavor to convey issues to people in a way they can understand.

It is this personal touch that builds long-lasting relationships; I have learned over the years which clients want me to handle everything for them, which are “do it yourselfers”, and everywhere in-between.

My preferred management method is top-down, meaning I will be the one to interact with clients, and schedule technicians as needed.  I prefer to handle all server work and anything of a sensitive or critical nature myself, and to delegate simpler maintenance and helpdesk type tasks.  I find this helpful for staying in the loop, and preventing communication issues between clients and lower level technicians from occurring.

I find no value in certifications.  In my opinion, and from what I have witnessed in the job market, they are a means to sell books, courses, and tests to applicants, and a way for tech job recruiters to avoid having to learn anything about the candidates they are trying to place.  There is no substitute for experience.  When I hire technicians, I look for technicians who have some sort of technical experience, and who are intelligent and capable of rapidly learning.  Being an encyclopedia of knowledge is great in certain situations, but what I really look for, and what I strive to provide, is someone who is good with people, and able to think on their feet.