Shut Down Windows 8 or 8.1 with One Click

Where turning your computer off in Windows 7 used to be a simple procedure, Windows 8 and 8.1 make you jump through a few more hoops.  Fortunately, we’ve created this tutorial to show you an easy way to set up the shutdown and restart buttons with just one click by creating simple shortcuts.

1. Head over to your desktop.

2. Right click on the desktop and select “New” → “Shortcut”. A shortcut menu will appear.


3. Copy and paste this in the text box (without the parentheses): “shutdown /s /t 0” in the location box then click “Next”.


4. Enter a name for your new shortcut and click “Finish”.

5. Right click on the shortcut and select “Properties”.

6. Click “Change Icon” under the “Shortcut” tab then click “OK” in the warning box.

7. Select the icon you wish to represent your new shortcut.

8. Right click your new shortcut and select “Pin to Start”.

9. Drag the new icon to your Start screen.

Bonus: If you want the shortcut on your desktop’s taskbar as well, right click the icon and select “Pin to Taskbar”.

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